Sonderforschungsbereich 595

Processing and characterization of Li-Ion Thin film batteries

Prof. Dr. W. Jaegermann (Div. Surface Science)

The focus of applied characterization measurement are on one hand the important electrochemical battery parameters, like current-voltage profiles and capacity-cycle dependencies for thin film cells, which will mainly be used to deduce the performance data and capacity retention of bulk material. Likewise, the properties of the electrode/solid-electrolyte interphase boundary (ESIE – electrode-solid-electrolyte-interface) have to be investigated. In correlation to these studies, changes in the electronic structure will be systematically investigated during charge-discharge cycles and the resulting effects of (re)occupation of electronic states.

On these studies the electronic properties and surface potentials of the materials have to be studied systematically by surface analysis methods in the laboratory as well as at the synchrotron source BESSY (PES and XAS) in an in situ battery device.

From these experiments electrical fatigue effects, which are due to bulk decomposition reactions, should be correlated to observations obtained from electrochemical devices, which are strongly influenced by interface reactions.