Sonderforschungsbereich 595

Division B – Characterising

B1 EPR-Investigations of defects in ferroelectric ceramic material
B2 Investigations of the defect structure and diffusion in ferroelectric materials
B3 Structure Characterization of Piezoelectric Ceramics With Respect to Electrical Fatigue
B4 In situ investigations of the degradation of intercalation batteries and their modelling
Model experiments about interactions between ferroelectric domains with point defects and their agglomerates
B6 Investigation of modifications due to fatigue in electrochemical functional materials via solid state-NMR-Spectroscopy and pulsed field gradient-NMR
B7 Polarisation and charging in electrical fatigue ferroelectrics
B8 In situ diagnostics of intercalation-batteries via Raman spectroscopy
B9 Characterization of Structure-Property-Relationships of electrical Functional Materials with Solid State-NMR