La Clusaz 2008

Sonderforschungsbereich 595

SFB 595 winter school – La Clusaz, 24.02.08 to 02.03.08

The Collaborative Research Center 595 “Electrical Fatigue in Functional Materials” organises a winter school in La Clusaz, France, taking place from the 24th of February to the 2nd of March 2008.

During this event, the participants will present the different methods they use in daily research.

The aim is for the members to get an impression and a basic understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the different procedures, beyond their own field of work.

Thereby the knowledge of methods that are available within the SFB will be increased and the overall communication will be enhanced.


Mo, 25.02.
R. Schierholz
Determination of electronic properties (1)
D3 A. Wachau Fundamentals of Photoelectron-Spectroscopy
D5 G. Cherkashinin The photoelectron spectroscopy as a tool in the study of the electronic properties and chemical state of solids
C1 S. Hayn Density Functional Theory
Di, 26.02. Chairman:
K. Nikolowski
Determination of electronic properties (2)
D4 K. Stegmaier Thermally stimulated currents technique for investigation of trap related properties in organic semiconductors
D4 A. Fleißner The time-of-flight method for studying charge carrier transport in organic semiconductors
B7 S. Zhukov Corona Poling and Thermally Stimulated Discharge Currents – Two Powerful Tools To Study The Polymer Charging Dynamics and The Charge Storage Properties
D1 J. Glaum Electrical characterization of ferroelectric materials
Mi, 27.02. Chairman:
A. Fleißner
Methods of structural characterisation (1)
B3 M. Hinterstein In situ Synchrotron Diffraction of La and Fe doped Lead-Zirconate-Titanate at its Morphotropic Phase Boundary
B4 K. Nikolowski Analysis of powder diffraction data: From phase identification to Rietveld refinement
B1 E. Erünal Determination of Functional Centers in Piezoelectric systems by EPR method
Do, 28.02. Chairman:
K. Seifert
Methods of structural characterisation (2)
B3 L. Silvestroni Specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy
B3 J. Kling The keyhole to the microstructure
B3 R. Schierholz Microstructural investigations on PbZr-----xTi1-xO3-ceramics (PZT) by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
Fr, 29.02. Chairman:
L. Silvestroni
Investigation of mechanical and thermal properties
A1 K. Seifert Manufacturing methods for lead-free ferroelectric ceramics
A1 E. Anton Hardness measurement of thin films
A4 C. Fasel Thermal Analyses Methods
Sa, 01.03.    
D4 K. Stegmaier General information about new project part:
“Research Training Group” (Graduiertenkolleg)